Avenue Baptist Church (ABC) is a member of the London Baptist Association.

Church Leaders


The diaconate team for 2019 is:

  • Our Pastor the Rev Dr Andrew Jones, who has been with us for almost 30 years. He is known to be a fan of old maps, bad puns and Dad jokes. We recommend talking to him about old maps as the safer choice. Andrew has been a regular visitor to the Albanian Baptist Union over the last few years – hence the traditional dress in the photos.
  • Eleanor Jones. Andrew’s wife and diary secretary, which would be job enough for most people. Eleanor is also a primary school teacher.
  • Jackie Farr-Rose is our Church Secretary, as well as bring a deacon and helping lead the Sunday School. During the week she runs a local printing business with her husband
  • Steve King works in construction. As well as being a deacon Steve also runs the youth group with Liz.
  • Liz King runs the 0-3s group and the youth group as well as being a contracts manager at a local building firm

Nicole Woods is our treasurer.